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About us

About Us

Finally online, we are proud to present to the world our frames. Each month we will put in sale a new framed artwork, and give the opportunity to everyone to own a unique piece of art which will also be a great investment.

 The Ephemeras

In visual art, ephemeras give us the opportunity to access artworks of artists that we could not even dream of having a piece of their art at home. However, being often published on less good quality media, they mostly end up in our cupboards or drawers, because let's face it, hanging a simple print on your living room wall with thumbtacks doesn’t make you dream. That's why we give them a touch of magic...

Peckham Rock framed 2.jpg


As publisher, we are looking for new talented artists over the world, and we are proud to present them in our gallery but also in other galleries with which we are collaborating. If you think that your artworks deserve to be presented to the world because it's something  unique, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Banksy - Soup Cans 2 - droit.jpg

Luxury framing

At Wall Side, one of our goals is to bring these "ephemeras" to another level of presentation. Highlighting their values, while keeping their essence and preserving their fragile side, they become artworks in their own right, so that they can take the place they deserve on your walls, while increasing the value of your investment.

DRAS - American roulette2.jpg

Sustainable society

At WSG we are committed to sustainable development and act for the environment, fairness and for a more sustainable society at all levels. Therefore we favor local products in the manufacture of our frames and we choose carefully our suppliers who share the same values ​​as us.

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